GET v1​/ carts​/:cart_id​/shipping_countries

Endpoint to get which countries this Cart can be shipped to.

Instant gratification

Do it yourself from console!

Assuming that you have a valid token previously exported into BEARER env variable
and that 1234 is the :cart_id of a valid cart of yours (see here to see how a new cart can be get).

Try to see in which countries the Items inside your Cart are shippable to
curl -i -H "Authorization: Bearer $BEARER" \

On successfull response (status: 200), an object with the following structure is returned:

{<coutry_code>: <localized_country_name>}


{"AL":"Albania","AD":"Andorra","AT":"Austria","BY":"Belarus","BE":"Belgium","BA":"Bosnia and Herzegovina","BG":"Bulgaria","HR":"Croatia","CY":"Cyprus","CZ":"Czech Republic","DK":"Denmark","EE":"Estonia","FI":"Finland","FR":"France","DE":"Germany","GI":"Gibraltar","GR":"Greece","HU":"Hungary","IS":"Iceland","IE":"Ireland","IT":"Italy","LV":"Latvia","LI":"Liechtenstein","LT":"Lithuania","LU":"Luxembourg","MK":"Macedonia","MT":"Malta","MD":"Moldova","MC":"Monaco","ME":"Montenegro","NL":"Netherlands","NO":"Norway","PL":"Poland","PT":"Portugal","RO":"Romania","SM":"San Marino","RS":"Serbia","SK":"Slovakia","SI":"Slovenia","ES":"Spain","SE":"Sweden","CH":"Switzerland","TR":"Turkey","UA":"Ukraine","GB":"United Kingdom","US":"United States","VA":"Vatican"}

while on failure responses (status: 404), and header only response is returned.


Example Request

  "locale": "es"

Request Parameters

  • locale

    The locale in which the Countries will be expressed, the default is ‘en’.

    • Required: no
    • Type: string
    • Example: "es"


Response Codes

Successful Response Codes

Failure Response Codes