GET v1​/ collections

Dictionary endpoint to fetch all the Collections present in Blomming catalog.

Instant gratification

Do it yourself from console!

Assuming that you have a valid token previously exported into BEARER env variable

Try to get the Collections
curl -i -H "Authorization: Bearer $BEARER" \


Example Request

  "locale": "es",
  "page": 2

Request Parameters

  • locale

    The locale used in the results

    • Required: no
    • Type: string
    • Example: "es"
  • page

    The second page of the results

    • Required: no
    • Type: integer
    • Example: 2


Example Response

    "name": "Red dresses",
    "items_url": ""

Response Parameters

  • Type: array
  • Items

    A list of Collections.

    • Required: yes
    • name

      The name of the collection

      • Required: yes
      • Type: string
      • Example: "Red dresses"
    • items_url

      The URL of the items in this collections

      • Required: yes
      • Type: string
      • Format: uri
      • Example: ""

Response Codes

Successful Response Codes