POST v1​/ password_resets

Endpoint used to perform a password reset request to Blomming.

If it does succeed, an email is sent to the user with the link to renew his passowrd for Blomming.

This request - in case of success (HTTP code = 200) - does not return any body.

Instant gratification

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Assuming that you have a valid token previously exported into BEARER env variable

Perform a password reset request for the current user
curl -X POST -i -H "Authorization: Bearer $BEARER" \ \
-d '{ "email":"[email protected]" }'


Example Request

  "email": "[email protected]"

Request Parameters

  • email

    the email address used during the sign up on Blomming, relative to the account whose password reset is relative to.


Response Codes

Successful Response Codes

Failure Response Codes