GET v1​/ sell​/shipping_regions​/all

Dictionary endpoint to get the full list of the possible Regions for the shipping profile, localized.

Instant gratification

Do it yourself from console!

Assuming that you have a valid token previously exported into BEARER env variable

Try to get le list of available regions
curl -i -H "Authorization: Bearer $BEARER" \

On successfull response (status: 200), this is returned:

{ "regions":[ "European Union", "Europe non-EU", "Africa", "North America", "Central America", "South America", "West Asia", "South Asia", "Far East", "Greater China" ] }


Example Request

  "locale": "it"

Request Parameters

  • locale

    The locale code to use for the translation. It uses the accept-language header if not provided.

    • Required: no
    • Type: string
    • Example: "it"


Example Response

  "regions": [

Response Parameters

  • regions

    The list of valid region names.

    • Required: yes
    • Type: array
    • Example:
        "European Union",
        "Europe non-EU",

Response Codes

Successful Response Codes