POST v1​/ sell​/shop​/items​/:item_id​/add_section

Endpoint to add a Section ´:section´ to an Item :item_id of the current Shop. A new section is created if no one is found with the given ´:section´ name.

Instant gratification

Do it yourself from console!

Assuming that you have a valid token previously exported into BEARER env variable and that:

Try to ass a Section to an Item
curl -X POST -i -H "Authorization: Bearer $BEARER" \ \ -d '{ "section":"mysection" }'


Example Request

  "section": "mysection"

Request Parameters

  • section

    The section name, existing or to be created

    • Required: yes
    • Type: string
    • Example: "mysection"


Example Response


Response Parameters

    Response Codes

    Successful Response Codes