POST v1​/ sell​/shop​/items​/:item_id​/remove_tag

Endpoint to remove one or more Tag to an Item.

Instant gratification

Do it yourself from console!

Assuming that you have a valid token previously exported into BEARER env variable
and that 123 is the :item_id of an Item of yours.

Try to remove the "tag2" Tag to an Item of yours
curl -i -H "Authorization: Bearer $BEARER" \ \
-F tag=tag2


Example Request

  "tag": "tag2"

Request Parameters

  • tag

    the Tag to be removed from the Item.

    • Required: no
    • Type: string
    • Example: "tag2"


Example Response


Response Parameters

  • Type: array
  • Items

    List of all the remaining Tags associated to the Item.

    • Required: yes
    • Type: string
    • Example: "tag1,tag3"

Response Codes

Successful Response Codes